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Baby Monitor Sounds

baby monitor sounds

    baby monitor
  • A baby monitor, also known as a baby alarm, is a radio system used to remotely listen to sounds made by an infant. The transmitter, equipped with a microphone, is placed near to the child and the receiver equipped with a speaker, is carried by, or near to, the person caring for the infant.

  • The older analog 900 MHz monitors have been thought to be safer than the newer DECT baby monitors. View Google Images

  • Examine (a person's bladder or other internal cavity) with a long surgical probe

  • (sound) the particular auditory effect produced by a given cause; "the sound of rain on the roof"; "the beautiful sound of music"

  • Question (someone), typically in a cautious or discreet way, as to their opinions or feelings on a subject

  • (sound) financially secure and safe; "sound investments"; "a sound economy"

  • Ascertain (the depth of water), typically by means of a line or pole or using sound echoes

  • (sound) appear in a certain way; "This sounds interesting"

baby monitor sounds - Boom Boom,

Boom Boom, Beep Beep, Roar!: My Sounds Book

Boom Boom, Beep Beep, Roar!: My Sounds Book

Bang, bang. Crash. Purrrr. WAAH! Toddlers will have a fine time beeping, tweeting, and roaring with this entertaining board book. David Diehl’s stylish and engaging pictures evoke their noises so well that each sound is practically audible. A red-trimmed motorcycle zooms across a bright yellow page with a vroom vroom. An open-mouthed rooster gives a resounding cock a doodle doo. A lion roars, a child jumps in a puddle and goes splash, and a big bass drum goes boom boom boom. The simple text and appealing design will encourage children to get involved—and provide an active, fun experience.

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week #4/52: the static

week #4/52: the static

Every night, part of me says, find a day job. Find something responsible, teaching piano lessons, or audition for symphony work. Likely both if I want to support a family. The other part of me says responsible is the last thing I want to be.

I come home late most nights, the same time of night the drunks have all been kicked out of the bars, stumbling and laughing through the streets. Lara sleeps on the couch, TV on mute, book slipping out of her hand, two empty glasses of wine on the table. Two glasses is not unusual. She has friends. I can’t expect her to spend all these nights alone. She breathes so softly, but I can see her chest rise and fall. I don't hear her breaths, but instead the breaths of our girls, asleep upstairs, sound carried by baby monitor fuzz. We tried all the different brands, all combinations of channels and frequencies. I insisted on this house, she always likes to remind me. Constantly she likes to remind me, this one is my fault. It must be the spot, this one spot, the radio waves or cell phone towers give us inescapable static. We learn to live with it. We tune it down, still there, crackling beneath our perception like background noise.

- Pat, from "The Static" a neglected short story


I'm not exactly impressed with this shot. I did actually drink the wine out of those glasses, lol! So perhaps I wasn't in the most creative state of mind. Anyway, the static on the baby monitor was hard to do, and I ended up bringing the base into the living room to make it buzz. (Note, my actual child was sleeping at the time, and I didn't want to make too much noise.) Also, baby monitor interference is annoying to listen to while you take fifty-million shots of the monitor lights ;)

I don't know what I would have done differently. I don't think I like the composition. Not sure how I would have done it differently though, because the other arrangements I tried were fails too.

Ah well.

Day 37 - the beat goes on

Day 37 - the beat goes on

Continuing the theme of baby stuff and bumps, with the aim of hopefully changing the theme to babies some time soon! :-)

We were down at the hospital for a regular checkup and they listened into Bump's heartbeat - this is the result...

Shot with Nikon D700 and 24-70mm F2.8 G Nikkor
© Craig Richardson 2010. All rights reserved.

baby monitor sounds

baby monitor sounds

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