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Baby Maker Pictures

baby maker pictures

    baby maker
  • The Baby Maker (1970) is a film directed and co-written by James Bridges and released by Twentieth Century Fox.

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and then there were four

and then there were four

Well, I started out with 3 babies in the house (the 2 little girls and the boy that reminds me of Freddy) Then I discovered a little boy down in the barn that none of the mothers wanted to claim as their own. I finally figured out who he belonged to, but she didn't want anything to do with him, so I brought him inside. Two days later, I got another mother to accept him, so he was "adopted" and went back outside. That very same day, in the early morning, I found another little boy outside of the fence next to the barn. The poor little guy had somehow gotten through the fence, but couldnt' get back in during the night. He was literally frozen, and nearly dead. When I brought him inside, I really thought he wouldn't make it, and I felt like I was just making his last few minutes/hours as comfortable as possible. Well, he survived! And he's in the house to stay too (it took a few days to get him back on his feet, and by then his mother didn't want him anymore).

So all 4 babies are staying in a dog cage, in the kitchen. Don't worry, they aren't as crowded as they look in this picture. The cage is about 3 feet x 4 feet, and they get to come out and play several times a day. I just can't let them loose all the time - they're a bunch of little trouble makers and they get into everything! Yesterday I turned my back for a miniute and found one standing in the middle of our coffee table!

15/52 You Know You're Right.

15/52 You Know You're Right.

hey babies!!! :]
my week has been pretty great... again this is a bit late, but not too late! hehe! i just got my prints all organized and i should be taking them to get developed shortly... i'm so sorry i'm not keeping up with the giveaway and the 52 weeks, and i'm certainly not a good contact but i love you guys so much for still commenting and checking out my stream! you guys are so amazing!

1. first ever time using movie maker. first ever time doing a video... let alone a stop-motion. yeah buddy!!! hehe. ¦

2. just got my pants from the darling Janie¦kay! i was so pumped to see them when i got home! now... what should i do with them?!

3. Apparently Josh is creating a band with all of his buddies. i guess he's really inspired by the Black Veil Brides they aren't really my thing... but they're ok! CAUTION: if you check them out there is an oober cute screamo vocalist... just sayin!

4. i feel better. for those of you who have been watching out for me... i think about you guys often. Thank you so much!

ok... have a great week everyone!!! you should message me!!! i want you all to know i'm still alive! love¦¦¦

baby maker pictures

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