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Baby Gear Store

baby gear store

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this is arden and i. have i said lately?...i love my girls! thank you to jess for pulling the trigger on this shot. we just barely got this one before she outgrew them. this is an older shot, that i forgot to post when i shot it. we have soooo...many photos of arden right now. we probably shoot on average 500-1000 / month! (glad it's digital).

i am in the process of selecting several (hundred) of those photos and putting them together in a book. through looking at all the various book printers, i think i have decided to go with blurb. when it's finished i hope to post a video review of how it turned out. stay tuned for that... (hopefully by the end of summer)

(new custom photoshop action - 19-eighty-two)

on another note: i have been thinking again...i think i have gotten entirely too technical about photography. i bought all the equipment...cameras, lenses, accessories, strobes...yadda, yadda, yah... and while that stuff comes in handy for certain situations and usually in paid, indoor shoots, i don't feel that i need it all the time. and sometimes it even gets in the way and hinders the creative shots you might get otherwise without having to think about this lens or that, or what your lighting settings and angles should be. so, that being said, i am attempting to go back to simple - the way i got into photography, and loved it - by keeping a lot of gear stored away, and taking a minimal amount with me. that usually means only 1 camera body and a couple of primes (85 and 35 or 50), no 70-200, no battery grip, maybe one strobe (just in case)...just small and simple. and MUCH lighter! also going back to as much natural light or window light as possible. and even when i may have an assignment that requires lighting, only taking one strobe with an umbrella on a stand, and making that work for me. i am amazed at how well that works, and how quickly and easily i can get the shot and be done. My wife boils all this down to one question that she always asks me, "why don't you just uncomplicate it?". so there, I hope to be a little more uncomplicated for a while.

i'm not going to be one of those guys with all the equipment, and tell you "it's not about the equipment. you could shoot this with an iPhone." it IS about the equipment (sometimes). you just don't need it ALL the time.

what started this thinking was the fact that when at home and i want to get a shot of my daughter, or anything else for that matter, my go-to camera is the d80 with the 50mm stuck on it. why? because it's small, already set up, and i can think about the shot and not the equipment.

anyway just some of my thoughts written out. dh.

Happy Birthday, Baby

Happy Birthday, Baby

Brad turns 31 today, the old bastard! Unfortunately, he's in Oregon wearing a turtleneck and standing underneath a pine tree or whatever the hell people do in Oregon, so we have to celebrate when he gets back on Wednesday night.

Anyway, Brad decided that his birthday present this year would be Gears of War 2, and the other day I went down to the geek store on his behalf and traded in some of his old games and put his name on the list for a copy whenever it comes out. It turns out that I only owed 19 cents after the trade. Bargain!

We're trying to save money in preparation for the baby (apparently they require lots of cash, and prefer to sleep in a "crib" instead of an empty Yuengling box), so Brad wanted his NINETEEN CENT TRADE-IN to be his only birthday present. Shenanigans, I say! I'm sorry, but that's just lame. I cannot abide a 19-cent birthday present for anyone, let alone the man who pretends my angry outbursts are charming. Budget be damned - I'm buying him something else tonight. The kid will just have to deal. Maybe go without diapers for a week or so (can't we just put down some newspapers?). We're all making sacrifices here, is what I'm saying.

baby gear store

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