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Baby Can Read 5 Dvd

baby can read 5 dvd

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baby can read 5 dvd - Your Baby

Your Baby Can Read! Volume 4

Your Baby Can Read! Volume 4

Getting started is as easy as ABC! The award winning Your Baby Can Read! Early Language Development System incorporates multi-sensory learning techniques popular with families all around the world! What Makes Your Baby Can Read!® So Special? A baby's brain thrives on stimulation and develops at a phenomenal pace...nearly 90% during the first five years of life! the best and easiest time to learn a language is during the infant and toddler years...when the brain is creating thousands of synapses, or connections, allowing a child to learn both the written word and spoken word simultaneously. Seize this opportunity to enhance your child's learning ability with the Your Baby Can Read! Early Language Development System. The Your Baby Can Read! Volume 4 Kit provides you with the tools to start unlocking your child's learning potential.

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Michael Madsen in ''Wargames'' 1983

Michael Madsen in ''Wargames'' 1983

Hey pets, just to let you fellow Madsen followers know I will be continuing this photostream of Michael under a new photostream called Michael Madsen The King Of Cool2, If you wonder who DerekTheMasterJedi2 is that'll just be me just under a new account, can't afford to go pro at mo as bank manager is keeping me on a tight leash, the P****

Anyway as you all have been so surportive in viewing my stream of Mr Madsen. I'm going to something I rarely do (Usually only my closest friends get to see) I will be including a photo of ME! (Hurrah!) don't build up your hopes up pets though, It's just a rather dodgy self portrait drawing of me at work, the photo version of this pic got burnt in the printer (thanks to my cats & the rubbish technology we have thse days) but hey at least you'll get an idea of what a right tart I look.

As soon as I've uploaded me, you can take the P**** I really don't mind, I do it all the time

Thanks for reading and being so surportive guys

Derek : -]

Photo above - This was Michael's first major film he had just moved to Los Angeles and was working at the 76 Union Gas Station in Beverly Hills while also doing the audition circuit, he got around $300 dollars for this role playing the very tall pilot you see at the very beginning of the film.

Michael's film and T.V credits so far please note some of the roles I can remember, others I've had to get via IMDB, here they all are anyway I've started with his earliest roles first leading to present roles and possible future roles the later also included are films wich he is either producer/director or playing himself.

Also I'm trying to find this website of his where he put ticks and crosses of which of his films he wanted people to see and which ones he thought were rubbish/awful
so that people could avoid the awful ones, I will mark the list of which of his films is worth watching as soon as i can find it some of them like ''Hell Ride'' and ''Reservoir Dogs'' are already must sees but I've heard that Mike said there is also a few gems that he's been in that people might not have seen so keep and eye on this list as i will be updating it whenever possible.

Roles as Actor or Himself:

1982: Against All Hope aka One for the Road (USA: video title) - Cecil Moe

1983: St Elsewhere T.V (2 Eps ''Remission'' and ''Monday, Tuesday, Sven's Day) -
Mike O' Connor

1983: Special Bulletin (T.V) - Jimmy Lenox

1983: Wargames - Steve Phelps ( Pilot/Soldier at beginning of film)

1983: Diner - Boogie

1984: Racing with the Moon - Frank

1984: The Natural - Barholomew ''Bump'' Bailey

1984: ''Cagney and Lacey'' T.V Series (1 Eps ''Heat'' (22 October 1984) - Boyd Evans Strout

1984: ''Miami Vice'' T.V Series ( 1 Eps ''Give a Little, Take a Little'' (7 December 1984) - Sally Alvarado

1985: ''The Hitchhiker'' aka "Deadly Nightmares" (UK: video compilation title) aka "Le voyageur" (France) T.V (1 Eps ''Man at the Window'') - John Hampton

1985: Our Family Honour T.V - Augie Danzig

1985: ''Our Family Hounour T.V Series - August ''Augie'' Danzig (unknown episodes)

1986: ''Crime Story'' (3 Eps ''Crime Pays'' ''The War'' and ''The St. Louis Book Of Blues) - Johnny Fosse

1987: The Killing Time - Stu

1988: Iguana aka La iguana (Spain) - Sebastian

1988: Shadows in The Storm - Earl

1988: War and Rememberance Prt 1 T.V (1Eps - Lt. ''Foof'' Turhall (Devilfish)

1989: ''Tour Of Duty'' T.V (1 Eps ''Sleeping Dogs'') - Sgnt Greg Block

1989: ''Jake and The Fatman (1 Eps ''Snowfall'')

1989: Blood Red - Enzio

1989: Kill Me Again - Vince Miller

1989: "Quantum Leap" T.V (1 Eps ''Jimmy - October 14th 1964'' - Blue

1990: Montana (T.V) - Pierce

1990: ''The Outsiders'' T.V Series - Mick Jenkins (Unknown Episodes)

1990: ''The End Of Innocence'' - Earl

1991: ''Fatal Instinct'' aka ''To Kill For'' - Cliff Burden

1991: ''Gabriel's Fire'' T.V (1 Eps ''Finger on the Trigger'') - Stan Frankel

1991: The Doors - Tom Baker

1991: Thelma and Louise - Jimmy Lenox

1992: Beyond The Law aka Fixing The Shadow (International: English Title) - Blood

1992: Reservoir Dogs - Mr. Blonde - Vic Vega

1992: Straight Talk - Steve

1992: Baby Snatcher (T.V) - Cal Hudson

1992: Almost Blue - Morris Poole

1992: Inside Edge - Richard Montana

1993: Trouble Bound - Harry Talbot

1993: Free Willy aka Sauvez Willy (France: dubbed version) - Glen Greenwood

1993: Money For Nothing - Detective Laurenzi

1993: A House In The Hills - Mickey

1994: Season of Change - Randy Parker

1994: The Getaway - Rudy Travis

1994: Blue Tiger aka Irezumi (Japan) (uncredited) - Gun Salesman (Cameo)

1994: Dead Connection aka Final Combination (UK) aka Lights Out - Det. Matt Dickson

1994: Wyatt Earp - Virgil Earp - Tarantino fell out with Michael for doing this film he wanted him for Pulp Fiction instead Michael chose this dreary film he said he regretted ever starring in it.

1995: Species - Preston Lennox - Michael counts this as one of his best films

1995: Free Willy

Disco Art Religion 12 - 2002 by Anthony Padgett

Disco Art Religion 12 - 2002 by Anthony Padgett

Ground Zero 2002

2002-5 Disco Art Religion

Disco Art Religion was an attempt to link the sacred and the secular in a celebration of life. By joining together items of clothing from different world religions fashion, art and music can contribute to world peace. Religion and disco are all about bringing people together in a celebration of life.

The “Inter Religious Fancy Dress and Fashion Launch Party and Exhibition” was held in 2002 at the Arts Cafe, Toynbee Hall, London. Mixing New York Disco and calls to prayer from Mecca, Jerusalem, India and Tibet into an “A-Z of World Religions”. Performance poet John Hindle read his work as the “Interreligious Electric Disco Candelabra” burned with religious symbol filaments.

As the work developed the Interreligious Disco Dance was created in 2004 and a DVD is available of this.

Disco Art Messiah - 2002

Eve II, the Disco Art Messiah, was created at Ground Zero Saturday 7th December, 2002 (Hannukah Shabbat, the Saturday after Eid and the morning after the re-launch of Disco in NYC). An Interactive DVD of her birth is available.

Dressed as a Disco Art Prophet Padgett painted her chest and she returned the Big Apple to the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil.

After he made Eve II a group called the Raelians announced they had cloned 2 baby girls called Eve. He later found that their symbol is a swastika inside a Star of David and they believe that world religions were revealed by aliens. Eve II has disco boppers that look like alien antennae.

THE EVE II REVELATION 2003 Acrylic on canvas, 105 x 127cm.
Based on Kaspar David Friedrich's Wanderer above the Sea of Fog, c.1818. The figures are all Padgett in different religious identities. Out of the sky Eve II brings the concept of “postmodern religious art” which returns to a God who is a superficial, consumer item with multiple identities we can pick n’ mix from. This religion is semi-ironic but open to genuine revelations, visions, healings and miracles.


“Stop Armageddon”

In March 2003 the Quaker Gallery on St Martins Lane, London, near Trafalgar Sq was turned into a New Eden nursery for EVE II with tree of life and tree of knowledge of good and evil (with plastic apple and inflatable serpent). Eden is linked to Iraq and EVE II wanted to “Stop Armageddon” and the war in Iraq.

Dressed as a prophet of Disco Art Religion Padgett helped EVE II to sacrifice a red heffer in the new temple. This body was installed as a Damien Hirst style sculpture and burnt offerings of barbeque beef Hula Hoop crisps were passed around. The Qabbalistic number for the messiah is the same as for the serpent tempter and by putting an abomination in the temple EVE II is associating herself with the Devil/Tempter to say that all are in need of love and forgiveness.

In the New Jerusalem playroom EVE II as a light unto the nations. Telling us that even a child could bring together the different faiths so adults should break down divisions and mix religions together in the universal language of kitsch. Eve II then relaxes playing Interreligious Scalextric where Jesus and Krishna race in an infinite loop around the New Jerusalem of Disco Art Religion.

Disciples of Eve II

In a Catholic Church in Brighton, 2003, 7 sequin shrouded figures are revealed, with a light sabre from the Garden of Eden. They are the inflatable, interreligious disciples of Eve II. These are then passed over the audience's head in a Disco Art Religion Mosh-pit.

Finally, pneuma - breath of life, is given from the disciples to the audience by a prophet of Disco Art Religion lying on top of them. An annointing of the audience occurs with the interreligious water rifle.

Hangman/Crucifixion of Eve II

2003 also brought the Hangman crucifixion of the Disco Art Messiah by an audience in Durham. We are all implicated in the death of baby girls in the third world.

Eve II raised from the dead, or is it now Eve III?

baby can read 5 dvd

baby can read 5 dvd

Hooked on Phonics: Discover Reading - Baby Edition

The first steps in teaching a child to read. Hooked on Phonics: Discover Reading - Baby Edition gives parents the tools they need to encourage early language skill development. This program, geared for ages 3 months to 18 months, stimulates baby's developing senses and develops positive associations with books and reading. Along with a multimedia format of lovable characters, the program includes a library of classic nursery rhymes and new story books.
Includes: an audio CD, eight board books, a parent easel book, a Hooked on Baby DVD, a bonus growth chart, and milestone posters and stickers to celebrate learning success.
What makes Hooked on Phonics unique is that we use our proven "learn-practice-play" approach. We provide children with bite-sized pieces of new information in every lesson so they are able to master the new concept and achieve success every time.
The easy-to-follow learn-practice-play approach:
Learn -- Kids learn a new skill or concept.
Practice -- Kids practice the concept until they master it.
Play -- Kids read great books and play games so they can enjoy applying their new knowledge.

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