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How To Baby Proof House - Baby Seersucker Suit - Western Baby Room.

How To Baby Proof House

how to baby proof house

    proof house
  • a building where ammunition or propellant samples could be tested by a variety of means, including functioning.

    how to
  • Providing detailed and practical advice

  • A how-to or a how to is an informal, often short, description of how to accomplish some specific task. A how-to is usually meant to help non-experts, may leave out details that are only important to experts, and may also be greatly simplified from an overall discussion of the topic.

  • (How To’s) Multi-Speed Animations

  • Practical advice on a particular subject; that gives advice or instruction on a particular topic

  • A very young child, esp. one newly or recently born

  • A young or newly born animal

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how to baby proof house - The Proof

The Proof House (The Fencer Trilogy, Volume Three)

The Proof House (The Fencer Trilogy, Volume Three)

After years spent in the saps under the defenses of the apparently impregnable city of Ap’Iscatoy, Bardas Loredan, sometimes fencer-at-law and betrayed defender of the famed Triple City, is suddenly hero of the Empire. His reward is a boring administrative job in a backwater, watching armor tested to destruction in the Proof House. But the fall of Ap’Iscatoy has opened up unexpected possibilities for the expansion of the Empire into the land of the Plains people, and Bardas Loredan is the one man Temrai the Great, King of the Plains tribes, fears the most. The Proof House is the gripping, hugely entertaining conclusion of K.J. Parker’s Fencer Trilogy.

78% (15)

Hollywood's Classic Ladies in the 1970s (2008) by Stephen B Whatley

Hollywood's Classic Ladies in the 1970s (2008) by Stephen B Whatley

- Please view large -
" The classic stars - particularly the glamorous ladies- of the motion pictures of Hollywood's Golden Age have been an enduring passion of mine since my early teens in the late1970s; and lead to much biographical research and inspiration for both my paintings and cartoon tributes.

This is the latest of several group cartoon tributes (many to be viewed on this site) that I have created; over several months - and through much research.

Here, on the sun-kissed contours of Mount Lee, crowned with the famous Hollywood Sign, high above Hollywood, California, USA, I have gathered together an eclectic group of actresses (most prominently active in Hollywood from the 1930s-1960s)- a vibrant mixture of well-known stars, from famous feature films and lesser-known players from B-movies (or second features).

Through extensive research I have depicted them - a group that undoubtably were never photographed together-as they appeared in various years during the 1970s - a decade that I remember with much affection. As with most of my cartoon tributes, the illustration features such details as my passion for birds. There follows some biographical trivia about each lady: I hope thay you enjoy viewing as much as I enjoyed creating..."

BARBARA NICHOLS (American, 1928-1976): in films from 1953-1976; including Sweet Smell of Success (US 1957) & Where The Boys Are (US 1960)- a blonde bombshell with talent- the actress was last on screen for less than a minute, reclining as Victure Mature's gangster moll in the all-star comedy Won Ton Ton The Dog Who Saved Hollywood (US 1976). She never married and died of a liver disease at 47.

AVA GARDNER (American, 1922-1990): in films from 1941-1986 - including The Barefoot Contessa (US 1954) & The Night of The Iguana (US 1964) - this star was named 'The world's most beautiful animal' by the publicity machine in the 1950s; and ended her days living quietly in Kensington, London, UK. The cartoon portrait was inspired by Ms Gardner's role in Earthquake (US 1974); in which she played a hard drinker - as she was in real life.

NATALIE WOOD (American/French/Russian, 1938-1981): in films from 1943-1981, driven by a stage-mother, this sensitive beauty made the successful transition from child star to adult star roles - Rebel Without A Cause (US 1954) , West Side Story (US 1961)- and ominously (considering her tragic death) played a woman who is saved from drowning in The Memory of Eva Ryker (US- TV, 1980). Her two daughters were the focus of her heart.

JEAN SEBERG (American/Swedish 1938-1979); In films from 1957-1976, this enigmatic beauty spent the last 20 years of her life living in Paris, France; the city in which she starred in A Bout de Souffle (Breathless) (FR 1959) - and for which she is most remembered; while her depth of talent especially shone in Lilith (US 1964). It was her heartfelt devotion to the welfare of people and animals and subsequent involvement in left-wing activism that led to the decline of her mental health and ultimate tragic death - which is shrouded in as much mystery as that of MARILYN MONROE (American, 1926-1962). Her son, Diego (1962-), by French author Romain Gary lives today in Spain.

EVE ARDEN (American, 1908-1990): In films from 1929-1982, this wonderful character actress played with great ease the wise-cracking dame with a heart of gold in such classics as Ziegfeld Girl (US 1941) & Mildred Pierce (US 1945); and later appeared in both Grease (US 1978) and Grease 2 (US 1982).

JOAN CRAWFORD (American, 1906-1977): In films from 1929-1970, a top box office star over nearly five decades- in which she shimmered in such diverse films as Mildred Pierce (US 1945)- for which she won an Academy Award- and later, Whatever Happened To Baby Jane ?(US 1964). The cartoon portrait was inspired by the star's last public appearance at a tribute evening to actress ROSALIND RUSSELL (1907-1976).

MARLENE DIETRICH (German, 1901-1992). In Films from 1928-1978; including Der Blaue Engel(The Blue Angel)(GER 1930) and A Foreign Affair (US 1948). This legendary actress and singer lived her last years in Paris, France, in seclusion; and while she rejected all enquiries from the press, she always answered her fan mail.

RITA HAYWORTH (American/Spanish, 1918-1987). In films from 1934-1972, this glorious (but privately shy) beauty lit up the screen in such features as Gilda (US 1946) and Miss Sadie Thompson (US 1954); and it was in the mid-1970s that she sadly began her decline into the tragic mists of Alzeimer's Disease - firstly mistaken as alcoholism- which claimed her life.

THE GABOR SISTERS (Hungarian: ZSA ZSA , 1917-; MAGDA, 1915-1997 & EVA, 1919-1995). Frivolously glamorous trio most remembered for their sparkling appearances in public and witty contributions to talk shows. Although Magda entertained on stage with her sisters, she never appeared in motion pictures; and went on to live many years after suffering a stroke in the late

272/365 - The New Chicken Haven.

272/365 - The New Chicken Haven.

September 29th, 2009 - I can't figure out who is happier... The chickens or me. My mom and I finished this AMAZING chicken house today. My old hen house had served it's purpose but well, I had more birds than it could handle and it just wasn't what I wanted. I had been hoping to turn this building that was once my dad's workshop into a hen house... But it was just way too much for me to tackle alone. It needed a lot of repair, etc...

So, my mom offered to help me out and I accepted. We went out this morning at 10 am armed with power tools of all sorts, a ladder and my overkill of coats. I'm not exactly used to the 50 degree mornings yet.

This evening, at 7 pm, this was the finished result. A really nice chicken house filled with very content chickens and my 4 ducks. I figured they'd be upset but they just explored, checked out the nest boxes and the roost bars.

My mom had the idea to make the roosts out of a couple of Poplar trees out of the woods behind my house... I didn't have 2x2s or anything suitable. I think they actually love these more. She had a really good idea there.

I am positively in love with my nesting boxes... I have other random boxes dotted in the floor as well but these big metal ones have been stashed in my backyard for quite some time and I'm so happy to have them repaired and in use.

These photos really don't show as a whole how large it really is. It's a massive hen house. It has a little room off to the side that we finished and put roosts in as well. I can use it for sick birds or to raise off babies next year if I choose to hatch more.

Diego's house is also attached. My mom built a nifty stall door for him so he can see into the hen house and also, can't destroy the door leading to the hen house. When he smells the chicken feed, I'm sure he'll attempt it.

I still have to finish the run... It needs a top and I ran out of tie wire. OH, my mom, being the handy crafty person she is, made a really nice door leading to the run as well. I can actually fit through it if needed.

I still need to do some painting as well and hang up a few signs (yes, I am decorating my hen house, leave me alone).

I was exhausted by the time we got the birds into the new house. I had to trick them, poor babies. I led them to their old house as usual with feed and closed the door... I could easily pick up quite a few and hand them to my mom. Then, I have a few that were difficult. My poor ducks were horrified when I tried to pick them up. Petting, fine. Holding, NOT. I did find it amusing when Rocky tried to peck my mom's face when she was carrying him :P He has a massive problem. An attitude problem.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun with my momsy today... This hen house will last forever. It's built very well and critter proofed (my previous house wasn't 100% critter proof)

I really appreciate her help and spending time with her. It was a nice but exhausting day.

how to baby proof house

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